About Lasting Smile Foundation

Hon. Pravin R. Pote (State Minister of Maharashtra and Guardian Minister Amravati) is an inspiration behind Lasting Smile Foundation . Under his guidance and leadership, this nonprofit organization is striving to transform lives of individuals. Lasting Smile Foundation is a not-for profit organization that has been working with the motto to tot up blessings and to spare a notion for the less fortunate. The foundation began by collecting used old clothes, toys and unused medicines and distributing among needy ones. We also conduct various programmes for the upliftment of rural women, by providing them the essential skills and trainings to find deserving employments. Lasting Smile Foundation is a ray of hope for rural mass, underpriviledged and women as we aim at:

· Healthcare
· Rural Upliftment and Transformation
· Training Programmes for Girls and women
· Malnutrition campaign
· Farming training
· Agricultural Fair

Which is the need of the hour.

Founder of NGO

We believe to get involved proactively in the process of development to bring sustainable change in the lives of people. We have taken an initiative in prevention, rehabilitation, training, self-employment and advocacy. Together, we can help and fetch hope in their lives. Ultimetly we can bring a smile on everybody's face at the last.
                                 Hon. Pravin R. Pote Patil
                                   Lasting Smile Foundation

We Works For

Lasting Smile Foundation works intensively through focused welfare projects in four major areas – Women Empowerment, Arogyam, E-Knowledge on wheel and Yuva Kaushalya


“If you educate a man you educate an individual But you educate a woman she educate an entire family”

We in collaboration with P.R. Pote Patil Group of Educational Institutes, offers the SEWA (Self Employment for Women Accession) in Amravati. The project has initiated by Hon. Shri Pravinkumar Pote in the year 2012 to educate and provide basic training program for the purpose of women in Amravati district living in rural, slum areas, villages and the women living in object poverty. Every woman that comes to our center adopts a basic skills and training. Having empowered the women in such training program they can be independent on their own by to start up their own business.


“ He who has health has hope, And He who has hope has everything”.

Healthcare for underprivileged, which is a desperate need, thus remains unaddressed. The call for of the hour is to promote healthcare awareness and contemporary healthcare seeking behavior among the underprivileged. Lasting Smile foundation has so far decided to work for the same.

Some of the key initiatives undertaken by the foundation are:
1) Organizing Free Health checkup camps
2) Organizing health camps regularly addressing benefits of hygienic, nutrition etc.s
3) Providing basic health services to tribal and underdeveloped rural areas

"e-Knowledge on Wheel"

In modern era everybody is thoughtful about progress and Educational development. If it is premeditated well then proper results will come. Computers nowadays have become the part and parcel of our lives so much so that imagining life without it seems little difficult. Therefore, the knowledge of computers is but must in these days and age as long as one wants to remain on the forefront in any field. Being an expensive device, a computer, however, is not within the easy reach of everyone especially underprivileged area. Keeping this thing in mind and with the intent to contribute to the ‘Digital India’ campaign, Lasting Smile foundation has started a mission of e literacy. Hence, the knowledge of computers has to be inculcated in this generation as we are transforming into 'Digital India' with the concept of “e-Knowledge on Wheel”.

"Sankalan Kendra"

“ "We can't help everyone but everyone can help someone"”.

Your used items can be given a new lease of life and to better the life of needy individuals or groups. We seek to cater a meaningful way to distribute unwanted but the useful items to benifit the needy.
Lasting smile foundation has sought to bridge the gap between extreme poverty and affluence by making discarded material of the rich a resource fo the poor.

Our Inspiration

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