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Visit of Mr. Mohammad Yunus to Seva Centre

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“If you educate a man you educate an individual But you educate a woman she educate an entire family”

We in collaboration with P.R. Pote Patil Group of Educational Institutes, offers the SEWA (Self Employment for Women Accession) in Amravati. The project has initiated by Hon. Shri Pravinkumar Pote in the year 2012 to educate and provide basic training program for the purpose of women in Amravati district living in rural, slum areas, villages and the women living in object poverty. Every woman that comes to our center adopts a basic skills and training. Having empowered the women in such training program they can be independent on their own by to start up their own business.

This project is created to offer income generative source for women along with this counseling sessions are also offered to the women at our center. By arranging such training programmes at district level till now we have initiated to empower more than4500 women. It is an initiative of Lasting Smile Foundation that is focused for lifting the pride and dignity for our girl. This program enables the women to realize their complete potential by enhancing their self esteem in every sphere of life.

Our Training Programs

1. Training of Detergents and Allied Products.
2. Training of Tailoring & Dress Designing.
3. Training of Fancy Bag Making.
4. Fashion Designing Training for Women.
5. Training of Plastic Bag Making by using recycle plastic stripes.
6. Training and Counseling for Women Entrepreneurship Development.

Our Work

Training Workshop